Do you know one of the reasons why people are seeking a work visa in Luxembourg is based on the fact that they have a good gross domestic product? In terms of population, they are low compared to other European countries. Their finances and economy are booming, which has attracted many foreigners seeking a work visa to Luxembourg. Without this visa, there is no way a foreigner can work in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a multilingually-linguine country that offers benefits to all workers, citizens, and foreigners alike. The process of finding a well-paid job comes easily because the total population is not much. It is advisable for the applicant or candidate who wants a work visa to apply for a work permit before traveling to Luxembourg. Be careful when filing a work permit application to avoid a counterfeit one.

Types of work permit for a work visa in Luxembourg

Below are the various work permits a foreigner can use in Luxembourg:

  • Type A work permit
  • Type B work permit
  • Type C work permit

1. Type A work permit:

This type of work permit allows a foreigner to be employed by any employer that is available in Luxembourg. The work process for this work permit may be for an unlimited amount of time. The only thing attached to obtain a Type A work permit must have resided in the country for at least 4 years using the Type B work permit.

2. Type B work permit:

This applies only to a specific employer and lasts for 12 months. This can be renewed after this work permit expires and the renewal depends on whether you are still working with the same employer or doing the same type of work. While you are working with a new employer, this means you must travel to your country of residence to apply for a new work visa.

3. Type C work permit:

This work permit lasts 12 months; The main advantage over the B-type work permit is that it allows foreigners to work for different employers in Luxembourg. It can also be renewed, but this type of work permit is granted to the following persons: domestic workers, temporary agricultural workers, asylum seekers, and others.

Documents required for a work visa in Luxembourg

Below are the basic requirements for this visa:

  • A valid passport
  • A birth certificate
  • A copy of the police record
  • Copy of biography
  • Copies of educational qualifications
  • Residence permit form
  • Proof of payments of 50 euros.

Eligible/Conditions for Visa in Luxembourg

Below is a list of conditions for obtaining a work visa in this country, and here are those:

  • He or she must be able to be a graduate.
  • A contract is already available.
  • No citizen in Luxembourg can fit in this job.

The procedures for applying for a work visa in Luxembourg

For each applicant or candidate who wants this visa, follow the following steps or procedures described to obtain this work visa:

  • Get a job in Luxembourg.
  • Get the necessary documents from the Embassy of Luxembourg.
  • The Luxembourg employer applies for a residence permit for his/her employee.

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