Germany is a country that was well-understood to have one of the tertiary educations in Europe.These institutions have multiple courses for students to go to for their course of study. Globally, diplomas obtained in Germany give students experience in work and employment.

Historically, Germany has many universities that have been ranked among the universities in the world. When it comes to lifestyle, they have a vibrant and dynamic style that will allow international students to adapt easily. In addition, the rural and urban lifestyle will enjoy the pleasure of spending more time in Germany.

Staticly, the country has over 357,000 international students who want to get a tertiary degree and that number is growing geometrically. No doubt studying in Germany requires someone to meet the requirements to secure admission to Germany. Without further ado, we will look at why study in Germany among other countries.

Why study in Germany?

There are different reasons why you should study in Germany for anyone or student. Here are the reasons why students are studying in Germany and here are:

  • No fees or low tuition fees
  • Best ranked universities
  • Free travel to other European countries
  • Different courses in different faculties
  • Well-known programs or courses
  • Affordable standard of living
  • Employment opportunities for foreign students
  • Rich cultural heritage

1. Free of charge or low tuition fees:

It shouldn’t be shocking that this country is ranked among the best destinations for foreign students. There was a moment when the cost of enrollment at any institution in Europe was extremely high; The country was among the destinations that paid the least or no tuition fees. In 2014, there was a law that says international students enrolled in any state school in Germany are required to pay lower tuition fees.

This law allowed international students to pay lower administrative costs such as transportation tickets, student contributions, student union fees, and many more.

2. Top-ranked universities:

According to the latest official statistics in 2018, there are over 429 public tertiary institutions available in Germany. This is one of the reasons that institutions in Germany are well-ranked in Europe. Many students are seeking admission to this country to have quality education and also reputable lessons.

When it comes to their environments, they have a good environment to make international students make complete sense during classroom lectures. If you have considered having high-quality universities in Europe, you can choose to study in Germany.

3. Free travel to other European countries:

As a European student who plans to study in Germany, you will be given the right to enjoy the same benefits that other European citizens have. It is mandatory to apply for a student visa before you go to Germany. The essence of the visa application is to allow foreign students to reside in the country for more than 3 months, as well as obtain a residence permit.

Residence permits allow you to travel to other Schengen countries, and this is a great route to travel to other countries. When the institution’s letter of acceptance is given, it is recommended that international students submit a student visa application. This documentation is done with the help of a German immigration officer.

4. Different courses in different faculties:

Besides having multiple courses for international students, the country has different courses that are structured to suit the interests of each student. The country is an industrialized nation with many investments in Engineering. They have other courses that have led them to become global leaders like pharma and medicine.

In addition, there are other conventional courses in Germany and this has led to the expansion of other faculties, but also in the scientific world.

5. Well-known programs or courses:

Most courses in German institutions are well structured to offer the best to students. They are designed to meet new standards and developments in the world to provide students with a good education to make them meet global challenges.

The German curriculum has undergone regular changes to create detailed approaches to research and teaching. After each course, international students will be awarded a recognized degree to certify that students are professionally trained. Employers worldwide always value German graduates.

6. Affordable living standard:

It is not expensive for international students to adjust to living in Germany. The cost of living in Germany is quite affordable even for students residing in urban regions. Normally, it is possible for someone to experience a high rate of increase in living in urban areas. This is why study in Germany is growing among different students in the world.

In this part of Europe, rent has been one of the main concerns for international students enrolling in Germany. There are various options for students seeking accommodation based on variability in home rent. Students living in metropolitan areas in Germany will need to have a different rent from students living in rural areas, however, it is affordable for anyone.

7. Employment opportunities for foreign students:

There is a German law that says foreign students are allowed to work part-time for at least 20 hours a week and also 120 days a year. There is no need for students to have a vocational degree because of the different jobs in the country. The various jobs available to students are child caregivers, tutors, administrative staff, bartenders, and many others.

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