In this new article I trust it is important to put uncommon accentuation on an issue that influences central rights. I’m alluding to one side secured by the TC in incalculable decisions under the assurance of compelling legal insurance in its part of acquiring a choice as per the law. At the end of the day, the right to viable legal security, as STC 50/2014, of 7 April 2014, reviews, incorporates the option to acquire from the legal bodies a harmonious, contemplated and very much established reaction in law on the benefits of the cases appropriately concluded simultaneously. For our situation, limitation of our crucial rights.


Having said that, how about we start with the latest, for example, article 7.3 of Royal Decree 926/2020 of 25 October, which directs “gatherings in spots of public travel and exhibitions held in exercise of the key right managed in article 21 of the Constitution might be restricted, adapted or denied when the earlier correspondence introduced by the advertisers doesn’t ensure the individual distance important to forestall disease”. It ought to be recollected that it is the public authority appointments and sub-designations that approve shows.

Likewise, it is important to review Ruling 83/2016, of 28 April, given by the Plenary of the TC, in regards to the lawful inclusion of concurring this extraordinary state by Royal Decree. In the previously mentioned administering, we are educated that “it is the Constitution and the LO 4/1981, of 1 June, which empower the lawful impacts that this administrative choice might have on the enactment in power… albeit formalized through an announcement of the Council of Ministers, the choice to pronounce a condition of caution, given its administrative substance and legitimate impacts, should be perceived to be arranged in our framework as a choice or arrangement with the position or worth of a law”. A similar end was reached by the Court concerning the announcement expanding the condition of alert. This Royal Decree will be constrained by the Court of Cassation through a test.

All things considered, having said the remainder, the powerful infringement of key rights is delivered by the lawful frailty made when the TC doesn’t practice its control work by postponing on schedule and without support a choice that is truly influencing fundamental essential rights, like the right to get together, show or development (versatility). At the end of the day, the absence of an ideal decision by the TC might be more genuine than the substance of the Royal Decree itself.

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