As a specialist in criminal-procedural law, I have consistently heard that criminal law is no-no and subsequently no one needs to discuss it, since “it’s awful information”. Whenever I was told: “I would prefer not to know you, since, in such a case that I realize you it’s awful”, implying that on the off chance that you realize me this is on the grounds that you are blamed for a wrongdoing. I answered: “The terrible thing isn’t knowing me, yet not knowing me, since that implies that later on somebody may need you to be explored by a criminal court, particularly when you work in the business world”. Presently thereafter, he came to see me and asked me for counsel on an activity he needed to complete; I exhorted him, I prompted him and he said to me “I can’t listen for a minute a weight has been taken off my shoulders”. I promised him genuine feelings of serenity.

It is actually the case that criminal law involves direct that is socially viewed as more genuine and hence the reality of being submerged in criminal procedures (in the examination stage) carries with it a social loss of distinction. This origination has been made by partner the term blamed/examined with liable, however nothing could be further from reality.

I’m not going to go into doctrinal inquiries concerning what is perceived as researched; this isn’t the substance of this article. The substance of this post is to show that the criminal law master has two principle works that can help you:

a) It is an expert/counsel in Criminal Law, who can educate you about the causes as well as outcomes in a speculative criminal procedure, in case of a specific lead or potentially business activity, all pointed toward having the option to demonstrate in that theoretical case that you have not perpetrated any wrongdoing or that the outsider ought to be examined.

b) if the customer or resident is engaged with criminal procedures, either as a litigant or as a harmed party, the capacity will zero in on ensuring/practicing all of the rights that secure them and that are perceived in the Constitution and in the laws material to the procedures. He is an underwriter of lawfulness as he looks after the interests of his customer.

Nonetheless, in our general public there is a profound thought that we needn’t bother with a specialist in Criminal Law, for example “I needn’t bother with a specialist in this space since I am not a lawbreaker”. In any case, this origination isn’t the most dependable in the chronicled second wherein we discover ourselves; rather, it traces all the way back to past occasions in our set of experiences.

It is fitting and important to go to a specialist in criminal law, as the master’s vision will make it conceivable to stay away from genuine legitimate procedural outcomes. We will in general underestimate our will and considerations in our every day activities, without making an interpretation of them into compelling method for evidence, which could, in a theoretical criminal procedure, demonstrate our guiltlessness or authorize the desire of the supposed culprit.

Earlier counsel on these issues is fundamental assuming we need to have some security/serenity to stay away from undesirable occasions for both ourselves and our relatives.

Text: Carlos González Lucas: senior legal counselor, master in criminal-procedural law.

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