In applying for a U.S. visitor visa, there are a few mandatory documents that applicants must consider to be eligible to immigrate to the United States. However, document requirements can be based on whether you migrate to the U.S. to stay, travel, spend vacations, or possibly for medical treatments.

The United States is known to have the largest economy in the world. So they are open to welcoming entrants to their country as long as such an individual helps in one way or the other to add positive value to its economy.

To immigrate to the U.S., certain documents are required to obtain a visitor visa to the U.S. I won’t waste much of your time detailing, so I’ll be short with my highlights. Simply drink a cup of coffee as you pass through the highlights.

Documents required for the U.S. visitor visa:

  • Your original passport with 6 months validity is required, along with all old passports (if you have one).
  • Your digital and printed photo is also required (1) according to specifications
  • The DS160 visa application page is also required, which was stamped at the Visa Application Center (VAC).
  • Your pay poof (valid bill) is also required.
  • Printing of the interview paper in the US is also required.

The above documents are mandatory. Other supporting documents can also speed up your application to obtain a visitor visa in the US. However, these documents help in terms of, legitimacy, validity, criminal history (if any), financial affordability, and intention to return to the country of origin.

For visitors who wish to emigrate for tourism, pleasure, and exploration in the United States, you will need a travel itinerary, fund confirmation, tax ID, desk card, and business card (if you have one). Also, the required documents for visitors wishing to visit children, family, or attend a family event, will need an invitation letter from relatives or friends and also a witness of the event (perhaps an invitation card or brochure, etc.).

There are also documents needed for visitors seeking medical care abroad and many more. However, the documents listed in the necessary section are the ones you should focus on most to qualify for a U.S. visitor visa. Don’t forget to read about Canada’s immigration visa programs.

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